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Things to Prepare for When Installing a Commercial Air Conditioning System

An effective air conditioning system is necessary for your business to operate during the summer: a stuffy work environment can lead to unhappy and unproductive employees and customers and clients who won’t want to stay long in your establishment. If you need to have a commercial AC installed, call up specialists right away before the summer heat waves strike.

In Elgin, IL the commercial air conditioning professionals at Lifeline Plumbing can help you with a great installation. We not only handle installation, but also maintenance and repairs available 24/7 from our skilled team.

Make sure to hire commercial specialists

This is the most important preparation you can make for commercial air conditioning installation. Simply hiring any AC installer won’t do; there are many commercial-specific conditions that an installer must be familiar with in order to deliver the best quality commercial HVAC installation. The installer must also know the electrical code and its local variations and/or exceptions; you don’t want your building to fail to live up to code and risk having your business shut down.

Commercial systems are usually modular—be ready to expand

One of the significant differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems is that residential systems come as a basic unit, where commercial systems come in separate modules. This is useful for you as a business owner because it means you can add on more cooling or heating power as your company grows by adding another module. The packaged units that are the most common type of HVAC module for businesses come in 10-ton, 12-ton, 15-ton, 25-ton, and 50-ton sizes (cooling and heating tons, not weight) to make it easy to expand your comfort capabilities.

Consult with the installer to prepare for possible work interruptions

This is probably your largest concern when it comes to commercial HVAC installation: how much will it disrupt day-to-day operations? The good news is that if you are having packaged rooftop units installed, the effect on your business will be minimal since most of the work will take place on the roof. However, you should discuss with your installer how best to carry out the job so that your employees and customers will experience the least inconvenience. There will be some disruption in cooling during the installation if you are replacing an older system, but a highly professional installer will know how to schedule the job so that your workspace will suffer from few burdens.

For you needs for commercial air conditioning in Elgin, IL, trust to the many years of experience at Lifeline Plumbing. We have commercial HVAC specialists on staff ready to assist you with a smooth and effective installation for your business.