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3 Things You Should Know About Geothermal Cooling

People are sometimes surprised to learn that geothermal power can be used to cool down a home since they are used to hearing about the earth as a natural source of heat. But geothermal heat pumps do an effective job as other heat pumps when it comes to providing air conditioning to a home. With the right professional installers helping you with the job, you can have a geothermal heat pump installed that will keep you cooled down as well as any standard air conditioner.

To speak to experts in geothermal cooling in Elgin, IL, call Lifeline Plumbing today. We can help you get ready for the geothermal system that will do the best job for you.

Here are three facts you should know regarding geothermal comfort systems:

1. They also work excellently for heating your home

Geothermal home comfort systems are heat pumps; that means they can both remove heat from your home and draw heat into it. When you invest in a geothermal system, you are also making an investment in energy-efficient cooling that will remain reliable no matter the temperature outside. Standard air-source heat pumps will often struggle in extreme low temperatures (below freezing), but with the steady 55°F of the earth, a ground-source heat pump always has a regular supply of heat to move into a home.

2. They have special space requirements

To conduct heat exchange, a geothermal heat pump runs water through loops set into the ground. The loops need to be buried at least 6 feet below the surface in order to work efficiently, and your home must have sufficient space to fit the amount of ground loops necessary to give you ideal heating and cooling. Depending on how much space you have available around your home, the ground loops can be set into horizontal or vertical configurations. However, you may simply not have enough room for the loops and will have to consider another home comfort alternative.

3. They benefit the environment

Installing a geothermal heat pump isn’t only good news for your budget and comfort. It’s good news for the planet. Geothermal systems release few emissions and zero carbon dioxide into the air thanks to their efficient performance and electrical power. The U.S. EPA classifies them as one of the most environmentally clean home comfort systems available.

Get started today with discovering what a geothermal system can do for your home. Call Lifeline Plumbing and speak to our HVAC installers. They will set up an appointment to see if your home is ideal for a ground-source heat pump. If it is, they can handle the installation that will deliver you excellent geothermal cooling in Elgin, IL.