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3 Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Air conditioning systems are more complicated devices than people often realize. It’s easy to make simple mistakes when using an AC during the summer that can result in energy waste or the system wearing down faster than it should. Below we’ve listed 3 of the more common errors that homeowners make during the summer that reduce the effectiveness of an AC. Avoiding these will help see that you enjoy quality cooling throughout the season without a huge spike in utility bills.

#1. Forgetting to change the air filter each month

No question, this deserves to be in the top slot. Many homeowners aren’t even aware that their AC has an air filter, let alone that it needs to be changed or cleaned once a month during summer. If this filter becomes clogged after a month of steady work, it will restrict airflow into the air conditioner and cause a rise in the cost to operate the system. If you don’t know where the air filter on your AC is located, ask a technician for help.

#2. Running the air conditioner even when no one is home

Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with this piece of bad advice: “It’s cheaper to run the air conditioner all day than to have it turn on and off.” It simply isn’t true. You should keep the air conditioner either turned off completely or at a very high temperature setting during the daytime when the house is empty. If you have a programmable thermostat (a good idea) you can arrange for the AC turn on a half hour before you come home. This way you will always have a pleasant home environment.

#3. Setting the thermostat too low

No, you don’t need to drop the thermostat down to 60°F for comfort. It will waste energy—and it’s too chilly anyway! Keep it set in the mid-70s during the day when you are home, then move it up by 10° at night.

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