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Radiant Heat Installation

Are you frustrated by dry air during the winter months? Do you need a comprehensive heating solution for your home to stay comfortable during the long Illinois winter? At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we do more than just pipes. We offer comprehensive heating services to residents in Elgin and Chicagoland, including:

  • Radiant heat installation
  • Radiant heat replacement
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Wall panel radiant heating

Radiant heat is a powerful way to keep you and your family warm no matter what the weather is outside. There is a wide variety of types and brands available today, and we can find you a heating solution that meets your needs and your budget. We offer same–day service, flexible scheduling, upfront pricing, and all of our work is guaranteed. We have received various awards over the years for our excellent customer service, and we strive to complete every job using only the finest materials and tried–and–true methods.

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Radiant Heat Installation Services

A radiant heat system is a great way to heat your home. Unlike a forced–air distribution system that heats air and then circulates it throughout your home, a radiant heat system actually heats objects in the room, including you and your family members. This allows it to function effectively at a comparatively lower temperature, which can cut down on energy costs.

This is a great boon to homeowners looking for an alternative to a furnace. But radiant heat systems require the skill and technical expertise of a professional to be worthwhile. Whether you need copper piping running along the baseboard, PEX piping underneath the floors or behind the walls, or a boiler, such systems require professional services. We offer excellent radiant heat installation services that can keep your home comfortable throughout the winter.

How to Know When You Need Radiant Heat Replacement

The line between repair and replacement is hardly ever clear–cut. Obviously, if your radiant heat system suffers a major breakdown, then the replacement need is more imminent. But other problems and issues can arise that may also warrant considering radiant heat replacement.

  • Old age. If any part of your radiant heat system is older, then it may make more sense to take advantage of a new system sooner than later. Waiting too long to replace a component or the entire system may place your entire system at risk on a cold night in January.
  • Frequent repairs. Another reason to consider radiant heat replacement is frequent repair needs. If you find that you’re paying too much to resolve problems, then it probably makes more financial sense to invest in the future of your home comfort, rather than its past.

Call Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in the Elgin and Chicagoland area to schedule your radiant heat installation or replacement service.

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