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Things to Know about Heat Pump Installation

If you are considering having heat pump installation in Elgin, IL this year, you are making a very wise choice for efficient and effective comfort. Heat pumps provide heating and cooling to a home through the action of heat exchange, which makes them superb for year-round comfort that won’t drain excess power.

If you already have ductwork for an air conditioner and/or furnace in your home, a new heat pump will easily hook up to the ventilation systems and go right to work. There are a few things you need to know about heat pump installation before you make the choice to go this direction. For further answers to all your questions about heat pumps, contact Lifeline Plumbing today. No matter your home’s heating and cooling needs, we can meet them.

Considerations for heat pump installation

  • Heat pumps need special sizing to work right: “Sizing” is the process of determining how large an HVAC system a particular home needs in order to reach the desired comfort level. Heat pumps require stringent and professional sizing because they must heat a home as well as cool it. Technicians will perform a “heat load calculation” to determine how well your home traps and blocks heat so they will know how much cooling and heating you need from a system without putting unnecessary strain on the system.
  • You may need a hybrid system: Because heat pumps can suffer a drop in efficiency during extremely cold temperatures, you might consider having a hybrid heat pump put in. a hybrid system has a smaller back-up heater that uses a separate fuel source, like a propane-powered furnace, that comes on to assist should the heat pump encounter trouble from low temperatures. This is especially useful for older homes that have a harder time trapping heat and may need more heater power to keep them warm.
  • They can be installed as ductless systems as well: With heat pump installation, you also have the option to forgo ductwork entirely and have a ductless mini split heat pump installed. If you are planning new construction or an add-on room, this is one of your best choices, and they are also beneficial for indoor air quality and permit zone control that will help you save money. Professionals can assist you with deciding if going ductless is your best option.

We install ductless and hybrid heat pump systems as well.

Make Lifeline Plumbing your first choice when it comes to heat pump installation in Elgin, FL. We will take care of all the steps of the process so you end up with the right heat pump for your home.