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Slab Leak Repair Services

A leak beneath the concrete slab on which your home rests can be incredibly worrying. How did it occur? Can it be fixed? How much will it cost? At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we set your mind at ease with our comprehensive slab leak repair services. Not sure if you have a slab leak?

Here are a few signs that may indicate you are at risk:

  • Higher utility bills
  • Sounds of constantly running water
  • Drop in water pressure

When the integrity of your home is at stake, you need to make certain that you’re doing everything you can to prevent any further problems or damage. Our slab leak repair technicians are highly skilled and would like nothing more than to help solve whatever slab leak problem you have. Whether you need same day service, upfront pricing or 24/7 urgent care—we have got you covered.

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Causes of a Slab Leak

While many homeowners dread the thought of something going wrong with the pipes that travel underneath their homes, few know what could have possibly caused a slab leak in the first place. There are several potential causes.

Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent is improper installation. Before it is covered in concrete, your underground piping needs to be properly connected. The failure of those joints is one cause of slab leaks. Shifting soil caused by erosion can also lead to change in underground pressure on the piping, although your slab leak may also be caused by old age.

Our technicians are available for excellent slab leak repair services, whatever the cause of your slab leak may be.

Profesional Slab Leak Repair Is Essential

Keep an eye on your plumbing system. Monitor the water bill, listen for unusual or loud sounds, and take note of any possible loss in water pressure. It’s critical to catch any slab leak issue before it can do much damage. When left alone, they can be incredibly damaging. If you notice the sound of running water underneath your floor, a spike in your utility bill from one month to the next, or a significant drop in the water pressure in your home, you should have a plumber investigate further to see whether you might have a slab leak that needs professional plumbing repair services.

We Can Handle Any Slab Leak Repair Job

When it comes to the concrete slab foundation of your home, you simply cannot take any chances. When water begins to build up in the ground beneath your home, the result can be catastrophic to say the least. A crack in the foundation as the soil erodes beneath your home is more than just high utility bills. Call today for professional slab leak repair services!

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