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When Might Whole-House Repiping Be Necessary?

There is no such thing as a plumbing system that will never need repairs. It’s a fact of life that your pipes do a large amount of work in your home on a regular basis, resulting in a good amount of wear and tear that can cause leaks and clogs as well as pipe breaks. In many cases, repiping is the best way to rid yourself of these problems.

Our plumbers will remove the old pipes and replace them with newer copper or a type of plastic pipe such as PEX or CPVC. While whole-house repiping may seem an extreme step to take when you have a plumbing problem, sometimes it is truly the best option. Our professionals will help you determine if it’s really time for you to have this important issue checked out further. However, in the meantime, keep reading for some of the situations where whole-house piping would be recommended.

Your Home Has Galvanized Steel Piping

Until the last few decades, the main material that was used for home plumbing was galvanized steel, as it was known for its durability. Unfortunately, what installers weren’t aware of at the time was the fact that galvanized steel actually became quite weak due to corrosion over the years.

For this reason, copper has been in used in recent decades. If your home was built before the 1970s, then you should check or have a professional check to see if you do in fact have galvanized steel plumbing. If you do, or even if you’ve had numerous corrosion leaks with any type of pipes, then it’s time for repiping services.

Constant Repair Needs

Whether it’s a case of older steel pipes or your plumbing was poorly installed to begin with, if you experience continuous plumbing repair problems then the material used is probably not sufficient. Leaks are not the only reason for repairs either; clogging is also a sign of deteriorating pipes that are keeping water from flowing efficiently.


Galvanized steel pipes are susceptible to rust. However, this isn’t the only reason for rust development. Copper pipes are very rust-resistant, but not necessarily rust-proof. Additionally, the flux that seals the joint pipes is prone to rusting. If rust is a frequent issue for you, then repiping is an excellent option for you.

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