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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

The toilet is an essential plumbing fixture in any house. You know you can’t through a single day without one! But have you ever thought about replacing the toilet that’s currently in your bathroom(s)? Although a toilet is a sturdy plumbing a fixture, it isn’t indestructible, nor will it last forever. If you have a bathroom that’s more than 20 years old, you should probably give serious consideration to putting in a new toilet. (Or you might think about scheduling a full bathroom remodel, which can do wonders for the home in general.)

Below are a few ways you can tell that the time has come to call plumbers to replace your toilet:

  • It’s a water-waster: Old toilets use an incredible amount of water per flush, much more than newer ones. The average new toilet uses 3–4 gallons per flush, while older models use 6 per flush. And there are now low-flush models that only use 1.5 gallons per flush. If you still have an old toilet, it could be costing you an enormous amount in extra water bills!
  • There are cracks in the porcelain: Even a small hairline crack along the bowl or tank of a toilet is a problem. These cracks will worsen, resulting in leaks that can ruin the bathroom floor. A crack usually means that the bowl or the whole toilet needs to be replaced.
  • Constant repairs: How often do you have to call plumbers to repair your toilet? If it’s more than twice a year, it’s probably a good time to retire it and have a new one put in.
  • Clogging issues: If you have to keep a plunger on hand because the toilet has a tendency to clog up on a routine basis, then a new toilet is definitely in order

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