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Keep These Out of your Drains to Protect Your Plumbing

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to deal with a plumbing problem? While this is a nice fantasy, it is very rarely reality. If you’re fortunate enough though, the worst you’ll ever have to deal with is a small clog that can be easily removed by a professional plumber. However, sewer line blockages and major leaks do sometimes occur.

While no drain or sewer line problem is completely preventable, there are steps you can take to help avoid this type of issue. It starts by keeping certain items out of your drains. For example, popcorn kernels should never go down the drain in your sink, and you shouldn’t flush baby wipes unless they are actually flushable. These aren’t the only things that you should avoid putting in your drains though. Keep reading for more information.

Fats, Oils, and Grease

Referred to as FOG, fats, oils and grease are definitely something you want to avoid putting down your sink drain. Sure, these seem harmless enough—they simply move down your drain with ease. But as they travel further down into your plumbing system, they start to cool and solidify, creating blockage as it accumulates.

Once it’s reached this point, it’s easier for additional oils, foods, and other debris to build up and form larger clogs that necessitate heavy duty equipment to remove. Instead of putting FOG down the drain, it’s instead best to let it solidify first, then throw the substance away.


Would you believe that pasta can be bad for your plumbing? Pasta is one of those food items that actually clog up drains pretty frequently. This is because pasta expands in water, so even though it might go down your garbage disposal and drain easily, it can grow to a point that it creates a blockage in your drainpipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

These products and the brands that sell them advertise themselves as being a quick and inexpensive way to rid your pipes of clogs. However, they can actually do more harm than good to your drainpipes. This is because the ingredients are highly caustic and can cause erosion inside your pipes, leading to leaks.

In addition, store bought drain cleaners typically leave some of the clog behind. This means that you’ll be dealing with the same issue again in a few months. Save yourself money and time by contacting the professionals on our team to perform a thorough drain cleaning, and avoid this problem all together.

For expert drain cleaning services throughout St. Charles, IL and beyond, contact Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today!

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