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When Whole-House Repiping Is Your Best Option

The term “whole-house repiping” sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? We won’t try to deceive you: performing a replacement of all the piping in a home is a large job that requires highly trained plumbers to execute. However, the work isn’t as disruptive as you might think, and if you turn to a company with the experience and skill of Lifeline Plumbing, the job will be completed in a timely fashion and your home and property will be treated with respect.

You will still want to be certain that whole house repiping in Arlington Heights, IL is the best choice for your plumbing. For help making the decision, have a professional plumber inspect your home and advise you on whether repiping or repairs is the best option.

When whole-house repiping is recommended

Replacing all the pipes in a home is usually necessary for older houses that have outdated plumbing material. For many homes built before 1970, and almost all homes built before World War II, the standard for plumbing material was galvanized steel. Although a tough metal, steel will also succumb to corrosion over time and start to leak and break apart. If you live in a home that fits the age profile and you start to experience numerous problems with leaking or high-pressure from deposits inside pipes, then you should contact a professional plumbing service right away to see if repiping with copper or plastic pipes is the best option. Remember that even if your house underwent a major remodeling sometime in its past, it is unlikely that the plumbing was part of that remodel: make sure you know what your home’s plumbing is made of.

Another reason you may need whole-house repiping was if the piping received amateur or poor installation in the first place. If a previous owner had plumbing installed with an amateur contractor, you might have inefficient and leak-prone pipes everywhere. For bad plumbing installations, you will usually need to have the plumbing redone from scratch.

For newer homes that have corrosion-resistant copper, CPVC, or PEX pipes, you will probably only need partial repiping done due to hard water deposits or construction damage. Always check with a knowledgeable and licensed plumber before making the decision.

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