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How Does Hydro-Jetting Help Drain Backups?

Have you ever seen someone use a power washer to get dirt buildup or even graffiti off of a building? If so, then you understand just how powerful these types of systems are. Hydro-jetting uses a very similar method in order to clean out your home’s drains and pipes. Blockages can occur for a number of reasons: grease, sludge, and roots are all examples of items that can infiltrate your plumbing system.

Sometimes, a plumbing snake just isn’t enough to clear the significant debris that builds up in your drains and pipes. If you do have stubborn buildup in your home’s plumbing and you need professional drain cleaning, then you may want to consider scheduling a hydro-jetting appointment. Of course, we understand that you’d want to know just how this service will help. That’s why we’ve shared some advantages of this service below.

The Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

  • The Removal of FOG: FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease. The best way to protect your plumbing from this type of buildup is not to pour FOGs down your kitchen sink when you can avoid it. Fats, oils, and grease—though liquid when you pour them down the drain—solidify as they cool and as a result cause serious build-up in your drains. The good news is that hydro-jetting can remove this buildup with ease.
  • Removal of Mineral Buildup: This is another stubborn problem. Mineral scaling can happen for a number of reasons, including hard water. Hard water is caused by an excess amount of calcium and magnesium in your plumbing system. While not harmful to your health, it can do quite a number on your pipes and fixtures.
  • Good for Maintenance: Routine plumbing maintenance helps ensure that your pipes and drain function properly for years to come. It can even prevent costly emergencies and premature pipe replacements. Hydro-jetting as a part of maintenance will help keep your pipes clean on a regular basis.
  • Complete Cleaning: Hydro-jetting leaves nothing behind! When we come in to perform this service, you can rest assured that your pipes will be completely cleaned out.

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