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Top 3 Benefits of Routine Heating Maintenance

Everyone knows that routine maintenance is important, but not everyone knows what it entails for your heating system.  During your maintenance visit, your heating technician cleans the internal components, tightens loose fittings and runs the heater with the specific intent of evaluating its performance. Here in Elgin, IL, heating problems are no joke, especially in the winter when a breakdown can turn your home into an unwelcome cold spot in the space of just a few short hours. A maintenance visit – preferably in the fall before heating season starts – can be a lifesaver. Here are the top 3 benefits of routine heating maintenance.

  • Improved efficiency. Dirt and grime increase friction on moving parts, while loose fittings add to the strain of functioning as individual components rattle in their housings. All of that adds to the energy your heater needs to consume to do its job, raising your monthly bills in the process. A maintenance session can keep those problems in check, allowing your heater to do its job much more efficiently.
  • Long life expectancy. Going hand in hand with improved efficiency is an extended lifespan for the heater itself. Less stress on the system means more time between repairs and a heater that will last longer before needing to be replaced: sometimes months or even years.
  • Reduced risk of repairs. Many times, a maintenance session will spot a small problem before it turns into a bigger one. Not only does it lead to cheaper repairs, but it can reduce or even eliminate the risk of repairs in the future.

Lifeline Plumbing handles Elgin, IL heating issues of all varieties, and we recommend scheduling annual maintenance for your heating system. Our trained staff conducts all operations with courtesy and care, and we’ll help you keep your heater running at peak capacity. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!