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Is a Fireplace a Good Home Heating Option?

Here in Barrington, IL, heating is a tremendous concern, especially in the wintertime. Homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to keeping their homes warm, but many of them tend to gravitate towards the basics: namely a good old-fashioned fireplace. Fireplaces provide tons of romantic atmosphere and make a terrific enhancement for any home. But is a fireplace a good home heating option?

Fireplaces specialize in very localized heat, comfortably warming the immediate area where it can be found. That heat rarely translates to the entire house however. When it comes to providing systematic heating, a fireplace works best in a small space. You can expand that with airtight inserts and an expansive flue system but even then, a wood-burning fireplace can’t match the sheer efficiency of a gas furnace or boiler.

That doesn’t mean that fireplaces are good only for atmosphere and ambiance, however.  A fireplace makes an excellent option for those times when the electricity is out. It doesn’t rely on any outside sources to keep you warm, provided you have a little stockpile of wood ready to go, and while its heating may be limited to one room, it can make that room very warm indeed. That can help you cut down on energy costs, even when you have power to run your heater. You can turn off the heat and spend the evening around the fire, playing games or watching a movie with your family. Relying on it to heat your entire home may not be feasible, but as a way of augmenting your existing heating system, it can’t be beat.

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