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Which Requires Fewer Repairs: Boilers or Furnaces?

Boilers and furnaces are the most commonly-installed heating systems, and each is durable and energy efficient. At some point, however, every heating system needs repair. Sometimes our Lifeline Plumbing technicians are asked which type of system requires fewer repairs. The answer has to do with the types of repairs you can see from each system and how well a system is maintained. If you are in need of boiler repair in St. Charles, or any heating repair, call the people you can trust: Lifeline Plumbing.

Common Boiler Repairs

  • Leaks – boilers use water to heat your home; as such, leaks can develop in a number of places.
  • Circulator pumps – the hot water in a boiler is pushed through your system via circulator pumps. Common problems that arise with circulator pumps are leaks, broken seals and blockage from scaling.
  • Problems with burner assembly – in the burner assembly, there can be issues with the fuel nozzle, electrodes or the burner itself.

Common Furnace Repairs

  • Blower issues – a large blower fan is responsible for blowing the warm air from the heat exchanger into your living space. Common problems that can develop with the blower fan are motor issues, worn fan belts and electrical issues.
  • Heat exchanger – the heat exchanger is subject to constant expansion and contraction due to the varying temperatures to which it’s exposed; as such, heat exchangers can crack and require replacement.
  • Ductwork issues – the ductwork in a forced air system can corrode and disconnect, resulting in significant air loss.

Maintenance Is the Key

During a routine maintenance appointment, your heating system is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and adjusted, and all moving parts are lubricated. This helps your system to work optimally, and reduces the level of wear and tear while preventing premature aging.

Furnaces have more moving parts than boilers, which can lead to increased breakdowns, but boiler repair can be more expensive. Deciding which system will work best in your home will depend largely on your needs.

The trained technicians at Lifeline Plumbing can handle furnace and boiler repair in St. Charles, so if you experience heating problems, call us immediately.