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Common Mistakes During Heating Installation

Having a new heater installed in your home requires an investment of time and effort to get it done correctly. Because of the amount of work that goes into installing a heat pump or a furnace, there are many places during the process where mistakes—even small ones—can lead to significant problems that will be difficult to resolve or repair later. For this reason, you want the most skilled technicians available performing your heating installation in Naperville, IL.

Look to the assistance of a company like Lifeline Plumbing. We have the experience and certification necessary to put you at ease when you need a new heating system in your home.

Here are some common mistakes that occur when amateurs or inexperienced technicians take care of installing a new heater:

An incorrectly sized heater

Installers need to ascertain the correct size of heating system to place in a home so that it can do its job without excess strain. A heater that is too small will never be able to get a home warm enough. A heater that is too large will start to short cycle, shutting on and off numerous times and wasting energy while wearing itself down. Skilled installers will take all the necessary steps to see that the heater going into your home is the heater that is supposed to be there.

Improper connections to ductwork

Some of the biggest headaches from a sloppy heating installation come from poor hooking of a home’s ductwork to the new heater. If there are gaps anywhere in the ducts, they will reduce the air pressure inside and impair the heating system’s performance—as well as lead to a dust contamination inside the heater’s cabinet and along the ducts.

Unsafe operation

This is the most pressing concern, especially if you are getting a gas-powered furnace. Professional installers take every precaution possible to make sure that your heater will operate within safety guidelines. You won’t have this assurance with amateur work. Your heater could develop gas leaks that might lead to the risk of carbon monoxide exposure or explosions. Electrical heating systems with shoddy installation can become fire hazards.

Professional installers will not only work to avoid making these mistakes, they will also make sure that your new heater is fine-tuned to have as few repair needs as possible in the future. Make certain that your heating installation results in a home that is warm, clean, and safe: place the job in the hands of professionals. Contact Lifeline Plumbing and put our experience to work for you during your heating installation in Naperville, IL.