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Tips for Keeping Your Plumbing and Heating Running Efficiently This Winter

During the coldest months of winter, it’s important to keep your home warm and cozy. But it’s also important to keep your plumbing and heating system in good shape as well. Taking precautions and following these easy tips can help keep your heating and plumbing running more effectively and efficiently, and potentially save you on costly repairs down the road.

  • Keep water running at a trickle in areas where the pipes are in or near an outside wall
  • Open cabinet doors where pipes may be to allow heat from your home to get to the piping
  • Make sure furnace filters are clean to maximize the efficiency of the system
  • Turn up the heat a few degrees to get ahead of the drafts. Also place towels or blankets under outside doors to keep the drafts out.
  • Make sure sump pump lines are not connected to flexible hoses that can freeze
  • Clear snow drifts so they are not covering outside wall venting from high efficiency water heaters or furnaces
  • Keep garage doors closed as much as possible, even while shoveling your driveway. There may be pipes above or in walls connected to the garage that can freeze and burst. You can also put a space heater in the garage.
  • Check the insulation near pipes in the attic, basement, and crawl spaces in your house
  • Close the vent from the fireplace when not in use
  • Locate the main water shut off in case of a pipe burst

Annual maintenance on your heating system and plumbing inspections can also help keep your house comfortable for the winter. Whether you’re in need of a repair or emergency service, don’t forget to call Lifeline Plumbing or schedule service online today.