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When Should You Schedule Heat Pump Replacement?

A heat pump is an excellent way to have year-round comfort in Illinois, providing cooling during the summer and heating during the winter. However, your current heat pump will not last forever, and at some point you will need to give serious consideration to replacing it with a new model. The question is: when is it finally time for new heat pump installation?

We will give you a few indications of when you should call Lifeline Plumbing and schedule with our heating and cooling experts for a heat pump replacement in Schaumburg, IL. If you feel doubts about whether you need the new installation yet or not, you should also give us a call: we will be glad to answer any questions and concerns you have. If it turns out you only need repairs for your heat pump, we can take care of those as well.

Some signs it’s time to replace your heat pump

  • Loss of heating efficiency: Heat pumps are generally more efficient at cooling than they are at heating, so if there is trouble with your heat pump losing its efficiency, you are more likely to notice it occurring during cold weather. However, keep this in mind: when a heat pump starts to lose one of its functions, the other declines as well. A heat pump uses the same operation for heating and cooling; you cannot lose the air conditioning during the summer and decide you’ll still keep the system around for the winter, because it won’t work at heating either.
  • Elevated bills: If you keep up with regular maintenance for the system’s lifespan, it should retain 95% of its efficiency… until the very end. When you notice a spike in your utility bills during a period when the heat pump is doing the most work, it may come from the heat pump’s age catching up with it. Have HVAC professionals inspect the system to see if it needs replacement.
  • Loud operation: A single strange noise from a heat pump while it is operating is often a sign that it requires targeted repairs. But when the noises become incessant and obtrusive, than the system is likely near the end of its service. Its parts are so worn down that they are operating with high levels of stress. A technician can tell if there are any specific repairs that might help or if you should instead opt for new installation.

You can trust to Lifeline Plumbing for a great heat pump replacement in Schaumburg, IL—if that’s what you need.

We offer upfront pricing and a comprehensive guarantee on our work. Make sure that your comfort for the whole year remains protected in the good hands of our heating and cooling team.