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Heat Pump Question from Elgin: Repair or Replace?

A heat pump that receives regular maintenance and prompt repair work when it shows signs of malfunctioning should last 15 years or more. However, a heat pump will not endure forever, and at a certain point you will have to consider whether it is more economical to replace your heat pump with a new unit rather than continue with repairs.

We’ll give you some pointers to help identify when repairs are perhaps no longer worth the cost. You can always call professionals for an informed opinion. A repair technician will see if targeted repairs will keep the system running longer, and if that is the best path. If it isn’t, the technician will help you arrange for new installation.

Your can depend on Lifeline Plumbing and our heating and cooling experts for heat pump replacement in Elgin, IL. Contact us today to find out if replacement is your best option.

Signs you may need heat pump replacement

  • A rise in utility bills: If your heat pump is at or beyond its manufacturer’s life expectancy, rises in your heating and cooling bills usually indicate that the system is too worn down to work effectively any more. Short spikes in costs often indicate a repair need, but a gradual climb usually means that the system is too aged to do its job as well as it once did.
  • Loud operation: A heat pump that creates loud and unusual noises when it runs often means that it has worn past the point where repairs will do any good. Technicians will see if a single repair need is causing the noise or if the system had deteriorated too far.
  • Loss of heating or cooling: If an older heat pump has started to lose its ability to keep you comfortable, then replacing it is usually the best route. You may be able to restore the comfort level with repairs, but this will likely end up draining energy and causing a spike in utility bills.

These are all general guidelines; the decision between “repair and replace” is not always a clear one, and you should rely on the assistance of professionals to help make the final choice.

The experts at Lifeline Plumbing will help you decide if heat pump replacement in Elgin, IL will save you money in the long run and restore your comfort. Call us today.