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Why Should I Call for Professional Leak Detection?

It may sound odd to advise homeowners to call for leak detection from professional plumbers. Aren’t leaks obvious and easy to notice, and therefore the “detection” part unnecessary? We wish that were the truth, since it would make keeping the plumbing in a home in good shape far easier. But the fact of the matter is that leaks in pipes are often hidden from sight and can do large amounts of damage before they become obvious. Even when the leaks leave clear signs, it takes professional leak detection to pinpoint the location of the leaks so repairing them will require the least amount of disruption to building material as possible.

Here are a few of the smaller warning signs that will tell you to call a professional plumbers for leak detection services:

  • An increase in water bills – Even a tiny leak is enough to create a noticeable change in your monthly water costs. Make sure that you pay close attention to how much you are used to paying each month so that when an uptick occurs that has no explanation, you will notice it.
  • Warped floorboards – Leaks in pipes in the flooring will cause boards to buckle. If you detect uneven floor sections or bulges under the carpet, a leak is a possibility that you should have professionals investigate.
  • Spots of discoloration on the wall – The accumulation of moisture behind drywall will start to eat right through the material. The first indications of this will be brownish discoloration appearing on the walls. Don’t ignore this: call for plumbers right away.
  • Water heater running at odd times – If the water heater starts to turn on at times when it normally wouldn’t (i.e. there’s no current demand for hot water) then it can indicate a leak in the hot water pipes. This is often a sign of slab leak, a leak hidden down in a home’s foundation, which requires highly skilled professionals to locate and repair it.

For excellent leak detection services in Aurora, IL, including slab leak detection and repair, call Lifeline Plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency service.