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3 Ways to Put Your Professional Plumber to Work

You currently don’t have any plumbing repairs—emergency or otherwise—that need the assistance of a professional. Nor are you planning new home construction that requires plumbers to install new pipes and fixtures. So you must not need a plumber, right?

Well, maybe you do. There are plenty of plumbing jobs around your house that a professional plumber can do that will help you avoid repair calls in the future. And there are some plumbing tasks that will make your home more convenient and more enjoyable. Here are three great ways to put your local professional plumber to work for you:

  1. Install new gas lines: Skilled and experienced plumbers don’t just work with water lines. Many also work with gas piping. If you already have a gas main into your home, think about which appliances are making use of it. Could you benefit from additional gas-powered appliances? For example, if you only use natural gas power to run a furnace, you should consider expanding the gas lines so you can enjoy an efficient and easy-to-use gas oven and stove. A professional plumber will handle this job for you so you’ll have a safe expansion on your current gas service.
  2. Routine drain cleaning service: Nobody likes clogged sinks, and they seem impossible to stop. But you can lower the chance of these nuisances in your home with routine, preventive drain cleaning services. Professional plumbers will use motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetters to thoroughly eliminate build-up in your home’s drains and make it difficult for clogging to start up. A yearly cleaning can mean the end of drain clogs.
  3. Low-flow toilet installation: If you have older toilets in your home, they are probably wasting water, maybe even flushing down 6 gallons with each flush. Installing a low-flow toilet can reduce water use down to 1.5 gallons. That means immense water savings every year.

To schedule these services and improvements, call Lifeline Plumbing in East Dundee, IL today. We have many more great suggestions for routine plumbing service.