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How a Water Softener Will Reduce Your Drain Problems

Hard water is a common issue for homes. Even with the best municipal water treatment plants keeping the water that is piped to your home clean of contaminants, the minerals that create hard water can seep into the supply through old pipes and ground water.

There are numerous troubles that hard water will create for a home (thankfully, health problems aren’t among them): a damaged water heater, unpleasant films left across tubs and showers, and difficulty with working up a decent soap lather. But one of the biggest concerns with hard water is what it will do to your piping and drains. If hard water affects your home, it’s a good idea to have a water softener installed to prevent numerous issues with the drains.

If you’re looking for drain cleaning services or water softener installation in St. Charles, IL, call the comprehensive plumbing professionals at Lifeline Plumbing, Inc. today. We offer 24/7 urgent care for those serious drain problems.

Hard water and your drains

Here is the main issue with hard water: the minerals inside it (magnesium, gypsum, various calcites) leave deposits along the insides of pipes. These hard calcium deposits will rapidly begin to build up and reduce the available volume in the pipe. This will create an increase in water pressure that can lead to problems with leaking drainpipes. It will also cause slow drains and make it very easy for a drain to suffer from a complete clog.

If you have noticed that slow drains and clogged drains are a problem around your home, check for yellowish flaky deposits on the fixtures and cloudy films across sink bowls and tub surfaces. These are warning signs of hard water minerals and usually mean that calcium deposits lay behind the drain problems. You will not only require professional drain cleaning (usually with a hydro-jet) but also the installation of a water softener to counteract the hard water and reduce problems in the future.

You must have the assistance of professionals for both of these services. Call up Lifeline Plumbing, Inc., where we specialize in drain cleaning and also provide a wide range of water treatment system installations.