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How Does a Technician Install a Zone Control System?

A zone control system offers you the room-by-room comfort you want, coupled with energy efficiency that can save you money. While operating the system isn’t complicated, the installation of zone control in your St. Charles home can be complex. This is why it’s important to hire trained professionals for your installation. Lifeline Plumbing has trained specialists with the knowledge and experience necessary to install your zone control system correctly, efficiently and expediently.

What Is Involved with a Zone Control Installation?

The first step in a zone control installation is to plan your zones. Working with an expert, you’ll map out the zones you’d like to have in your home. Zones can be individual rooms, a group of rooms, a floor of your home – whatever will work best for you and your family. Once the zone plan is completed, installation can begin.

It Starts With Your Ductwork

A zone control system works by installing motorized dampers into the supply ducts of your home, so the technician will need to access your ductwork. The dampers are installed inside the ducts, and are connected to the control panel. Once all the dampers are installed and connected to the control panel your ductwork will be re-sealed and ready for use.

Benefits of a Zone Control System

There are several benefits to installing a zone control system:

  • Customized comfort – each zone operates independently of one another, allowing for customized comfort.
  • Better energy efficiency – with zone control, you can turn off air conditioning in the areas of your home that are not being used. This reduces the amount of cooling you use, which helps reduce the amount of energy you use.
  • Convenience – having a single control panel allows you to set the temperatures for your zones without running from room to room. Additionally, many zone control systems are programmable, giving you the ultimate level of convenience each day.

Zone control systems can benefit you, your home and your family, but to do so, it’s important to have the system professionally installed.

If you are interested in a zone control system for your home, call the zone cooling experts at Lifeline Plumbing today.