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Help! Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

Temperatures may still be mild enough during the day that you haven’t had much of a consistent need for your furnace. However, with nights dipping to the 50’s and below, chances are that you’ve at least turned your heating system on once or twice this past week. That is, of course, if it’s working well.

But what if you went to turn your furnace on and it failed to start up? What could be the reason for this troubling issue? Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions.

Your Thermostat May Be to Blame

Never underestimate your thermostat—this is the brain of your entire HVAC system. Even the smallest miscalibration can lead to a misreading of the temperature in your home, and that will keep the thermostat from turning your furnace on. Another way your thermostat could be to blame is due to old, corroded, or broken wiring that has lost its connection to the furnace.

You Need to Have the Electronic Igniter Replaced

The average homeowner doesn’t realize that even modern gas-powered furnaces use electricity to run. The more important electric component in a gas furnace is that of the electronic igniter, which activates the burners. This igniter will need to be replaced every few years, and may sometimes burn out before your regular preventive maintenance appointment (yet a failing igniter can often be caught during this appointment).

The Burner Is Dirty or Rusted

In a gas-powered furnace, the burner is where the gas jets ignite to provide heat. However, if the burner develops a layer of grime across it, or if rust flakes get inside it, it won’t be able to draw in sufficient oxygen in order to light. You’ll need a professional technician to remove the burner and properly clean it.

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