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Ways Your Furnace Could Be Wasting Your Money

We’re all accustomed to paying higher gas bills during the cold months, but a lot of homeowners use that fact to ignore ways their furnace uses more energy than it needs to. We’re all watching the bottom line these days and an efficient heating system means money back in your pocket as well as a warm and cozy home. Here are some ways your furnace could be wasting your money in your Aurora, IL home.

  • Dirty burners. Dirt and grime on burner arrays means that the burners aren’t running smoothly or attaining the proper temperatures like they should. In some cases, the clog can actually stop the burner from functioning at all. That reduces the furnace’s ability to heat the home, which means it takes longer and costs more to reach the comfortable temperatures you’re used to.
  • Worn parts. Similarly, wear and tear on individual parts causes them to work harder for the same results, which also costs money. For instance, a blower fan with a frayed and tattered belt won’t turn as quickly as it should, and thus won’t blow hot air into your system as quickly. That again translates to a slower heating process and more gas and electricity expended to get your home up to speed. A regular maintenance visit from a trained professional can identify worn parts and slate them for replacement.
  • Leaks. Leaks can spring up within the duct system that distributes the hot air from your furnace. They can leech out warm air travelling through the system and/or let cool air in, further retarding the heating process. A trained professional can seal up the leaks, restoring efficiency to your unit.

You can spot ways your furnace could be wasting your money by noting reduced air flow, reduced heat, or simply realizing that your monthly bills are higher despite the fact that you’re not using the heater any more often than normal. A maintenance visit from the experts at Lifeline Plumbing can help. Give us a call today if you need Aurora, IL furnace service!