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Let’s Talk Boilers: Are They a Good Option for Home Heating?

If you’re currently looking around for a heating option for a new home, a boiler is probably on your list of possible choices. But how high is it on the list? The fact is that boilers are not as common when it comes to residential heating as forced-air systems (such as furnaces). But boilers are still found in many homes and remain a viable choice when it comes to comfort.

So the question, uhm, boils down to whether a boiler is the ideal choice for your house. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, and this makes boilers more energy-efficient systems. You can expect noticeable savings with a boiler compared to a furnace.
  • Boilers can run off gas or electricity, so they’re available to homes that do not have a natural gas line.
  • The distribution of heat from baseboard heaters and radiators is more even than that from a furnace—and most people find it more comfortable as well.
  • Because boilers do not use ductwork that collects dust and other debris, they can help improve indoor air quality.
  • As long as they have proper maintenance and care, boilers can outlast most other heating systems.


  • It’s difficult to retro-fit a home with a ventilation system already installed to work with a boiler, which makes boilers better as a long-term plan for building a home.
  • Most air conditioning systems already use ductwork, so it’s often easier to put a furnace into a home and hook it to the ducts rather than install a boiler.
  • The water in boiler pipes can freeze during cold weather.
  • A leaking boiler can create potential for water damage in a house.

The best way to sort out these pros and cons for your home is to call on professional heating installers. They’ll help you make the best choice when it comes to putting in a new heater for your home.

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