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Signs of an Overloaded Heating System

Your heating system is vital to keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter months. Ideally, it should be sized properly to fit the needs of your home and shouldn’t be overworked on even the coldest days. Considering the deep freezes we’ve encountered so far this winter, it’s possible that your system may become overloaded, and suffer a breakdown if you’re not careful. It helps if the homeowner can spot signs of an overloaded heating system early, so that the problem doesn’t get so dire. If you need Naperville heating repair services, give Lifeline Plumbing a call today.

  • Unusual noises are a good indicator that something is wrong: humming, buzzing or rattling sounds that you don’t recall hearing before. In particular, look for sounds that may indicate a motor overheating. The fan motor and similar motors are apt to suffer the most strain from overwork, and a loud buzzing or grinding noise may indicate that they’re experiencing trouble.
  • Strange smells may permeate the heating system as well, as parts burn out and oil and other components produce distinctive odors. You can detect these near the vents, carried by the blower fan and moving to different parts of your house.
  • Perhaps the surest sign of an overloaded heating system is higher bills despite using the heater no more often than normal. It indicates that the heater is using more energy than it should, which means it’s working harder than it needs to.

If your bill is rising unexpectedly or you detect other signs of an overloaded heating system, call Lifeline Plumbing to help. We serve all of Chicagoland including Naperville, and we can help reduce the load on your heater so that it functions as it should. Give us a call today for Naperville heating repair service.