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Why You Should Not Try to Clean Your Drains With Liquid Cleaners

Most people don’t think twice about using liquid drain cleaner bought from the store to clear out a clog in their sink or shower.  In the very mildest cases this can work just fine. In most cases, however, liquid drain cleaner can’t work as well as a trained plumber can. Your local Naperville plumbing repair expert can invariably do a better job than a store-bought solution, as well as keeping potentially dangerous chemicals away from your home and family.

Here’s why you should not try to clean your drains with liquid cleaners:

  • The safety issue is probably the most important, though store-bought drain cleaners are certainly safe if handled correctly. However, in order to do their job, they must often sit in your sink or bathtub for some time, which can lead to serious problems if a pet or another family member uses the spot without knowing that there’s a cleaner there.
  • Liquid drain cleaning solutions adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to your clog. Regardless of what caused the problem, the liquid drain cleaner simply works to dissolve it away, then flush it further down the pipes with hot water. But different materials create different clogs, which require different techniques to address. Plumbers can focus on the true nature of the clog and apply tools that address it correctly. For instance, they can use a mechanical snake with an adjustable head, allowing them to differentiate between, say, a grease clog that builds up over time and a piece of food that gets wedged in a narrow spot of pipe.
  • Liquid drain cleaners also tend to leave residue behind, leading to another clog down the line. A plumber can make sure to get rid of all of the clog, which will cut down on repeat problems.

If you you need drain cleaning service in Naperville, give the experts at Lifeline Plumbing a call. We handle all kinds of plumbing repairs, and we can address your clog with professionalism and care. Don’t trust a generic store-bought solution with your plumbing. Schedule an appointment today and make sure the job is done right.