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Signs That You Need to Schedule Water Treatment Service

If you rely on a water treatment system to keep your water free of contaminants, you expect it to work properly day after day. Water treatment systems tackle many of the biggest problems homeowners have with their water supply, such as high levels of salt, calcium, magnesium, nitrates, bacteria, and chlorine. While homeowners choose to install water treatment systems for different reasons, the goal is always the same, to keep the potable water supply clean and clear in any tap around the home.

Unfortunately, your water treatment system may run into problems at some point. Like every part of your plumbing, any type of water treatment system also requires maintenance. Here are some problems to look out for with your water that may indicate the need for water treatment service.

  • Strange Taste/Smell: Your water filtration system does a good job of improving the quality of your water, so a poor taste or an unusual odor is your first sign that there may be a problem. While this could indicate a clog or a broken part, it could mean that your system is no longer effective and needs replacement. However, not all treatment system issues will cause your water to taste differently, so you may need to look out for these other problems as well.
  • Appearance: If your water is cloudy or otherwise discolored, or if you notice residue around the faucets, it may be a sign of problems with your water treatment system. However, this may also mean that there is a problem with your plumbing, so you may need to describe the appearance of your water to a technician to help narrow down the possibilities. If you have a water softener, mineral deposits around the faucet likely indicate some sort of system failure.
  • Low Water Pressure: Water flows through your treatment unit before reaching your home. So if low water pressure suddenly becomes an issue in your taps, it may have to do with blockage in a filter.

Scheduling water treatment service helps keep your family members healthy and may even protect your plumbing. You can also ask about water treatment service during a scheduled plumbing maintenance visit.

When you recognize the signs of trouble and want to schedule water treatment service in Barrington, call the experts at Lifeline Plumbing.