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How Can a Water Softener Benefit You and Your Home?

When you think about your plumbing, you often think more about what can go wrong with your pipes than you do what can go wrong with your water. Hard water—albeit not unhealthy—is definitely a problem that affects the water of many homeowners throughout Illinois. Hard water is comprised of a higher-than-average mineral content. These contents include calcium and magnesium.

While your body absorbs these minerals safely, hard water can cause considerable issues with your plumbing and your overall quality of life. A whole-house water softening system is the solution to these problems though, and can ensure that you never suffer from hard water again. To help you understand why you should consider this installation, we’ve shared a few benefits below.

Cleaner Water

Have you ever noticed a strange metallic taste to your water? This is the sign of hard water. You’ll likely also notice that when you freeze ice cubes, they are cloudy rather than clear. This will almost always be the case if you are suffering from hard water. A water softener will help your water taste better, plus it will improve the look of your dishes after they’ve been washed.

More Refreshing Showers

A water softener will help remove the crusty white build-up you sometimes find on your faucet or shower head. More than that though, it will make your showers feel better. Hard water can dry out your skin uncomfortably, and can make your hair feel slimy right after it’s been washed.

Better Looking Clothes

The one area where hard water seems to have the most damaging effect is in your washing machine. It makes your clothes wear out faster than they should, and thus bright color will fade if exposed to load after load of hard water. A water softening system will help your clothes to look brighter and last longer, saving you money in the long run.

To have a water softening system expertly installed in your Dundee, IL home, call Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today. We’ll give you a peace of mind with a job done right!