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What Maintenance Needs to Be Done on a Sump Pump?

Spring is a season when snow melt and rains can lead to water seepage and even flooding in a basement. This is the time when a sump pump comes in the handiest, since it will automatically turn on and remove the excess water from the basement or crawlspace and put it into the wastewater system.

However, you can’t simply let a sump pump run year after year without attending to some regular needs so that it will stay in the best shape possible. There are a few things you can do as the spring starts to see that the sump pump is prepared to do its job should it be necessary.

Regular sump pump maintenance

There are a number of simple inspections you can do on your sump pump. Check the discharge line (the line leading to the wastewater system) to see that it isn’t clogged or frozen. Look over the inlet screen to see that it’s not filled with debris. Then look down in the sump (the pit where water collects) and see if there is any gravel or stones in it. Remove them so the sump is as clean as possible. Wash out the sump if it has any mud on it.

Now you can test out the pump to see if it is activating correctly. Poor a bucket of water slowly into the sump. Watch to see that float in the put rises. It should trigger to pump and remove the water. If the pump doesn’t activate or it drains the water from the pit slowly, you will probably need to call on repair technicians. If the pump seems to work as it should, run a second test on it just to make sure. If the pump uses a back-up battery, change the batteries every two years as a precaution.

You should still arrange for professional maintenance for your sump pump along with annual plumbing maintenance. Plumbers can fully clean the sump pump so it will be in the best shape possible for any spring flooding.

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