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3 Methods Plumbers Use to Detect Leaks

Leaks are some of the most common problems your pipe system can experience, and plumbing repair services in St. Charles are well accustomed to dealing with them. Unfortunately, not all leaks announce themselves with puddles of water spreading across your bathroom floor. The faulty pipe could be located in a crawlspace, or underground where the human eye can’t see it. In these situations, plumbers have to rely on a few tricks of the trade to hunt down the problem. Here are 3 methods plumbers use to detect leaks.

  • Water meter. The easiest method is also one of the simplest. The plumber contacts the local water utility company to shut off water to your home, then checks the meter. If the meter still shows you using water, then there’s a leak somewhere on the premises.
  • Geophones. A geophone is a modern piece of equipment that a plumber can use to pinpoint a leak once it’s clear that you’ve got one. Even if the leak is very small, it will still make a noise. The trick is how to detect that noise. Geophones can do that: amplifying sound under the ground or in hidden places like walls. A trained plumber can operate the equipment and take him directly to the source of the leak.
  • Helium leak detection. This is a somewhat older method of leak detection, though it is still effective in many cases. The plumber pumps helium into the pipes, which then moves towards the leak very rapidly. He or she can then monitor the pipeline for concentrations of helium, which typically reaches its highest levels right next to the leak.

If you suspect a leak in your plumbing, then the experts at Lifeline Plumbing can help. We handle all kinds of plumbing repair in St. Charles and other surrounding communities, and we understand the variety of methods plumbers use to detect leaks.

We can hunt down the source of your problem and repair it with confidence and pride. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, and let us show you what we can do!