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How Water Testing Can Help You This Spring

Spring is one of the busiest seasons when it comes to taking care of cleaning and maintenance jobs around the house. As we emerge out of the rough period of winter and start to look forward to summer, spring is a great time to schedule special services, like installing a sump pump, remodeling a bathroom, or installing a new air conditioning system. (These are all, by the way, services that we provide!)

Here’s another service to consider for spring: water testing. Problems with the quality of the water in homes is a major concern to people today. If you’re a homeowner who thinks there’s impurities in your water supply, call our team today to schedule water testing services.

What Does Water Testing Do?

Testing the water in a home is actually a simple process that won’t take up much of your time or interfere with your schedule. Our specialists take water samples from different places in your home, and then send the samples to a laboratory. Various tests will look for impurities, pH levels, alkalinity, bacteria, heavy metals, minerals, pesticides, and other issues in the water. After the tests are finished, our team will provide you with a complete rundown on what’s in your water.

The next step is water treatment system installation

We’ll go through the results of water testing and show you where you can improve the water quality—and more importantly, how. There is no “one-size-fits all” water treatment system or filter. We must match a water treatment system to the specific issues in your water supply. For example, if there are bacteria and microorganisms in your water, we can outfit your water line with a UV water disinfecting system. For heavy metals and chemicals, we can use a reverse osmosis system. Simply leave the hard work to us, and we’ll find a solution to your water quality woes!

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