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Closing Room Vents Isn’t a Money-Saving Technique!

No matter if you’re using your home’s furnace still or you are starting to switch over the air conditioning system, it’s always a smart idea to look for ways to save money. Regular maintenance from a professional technician is one of the best ways to maintain an energy efficient HVAC system, as well as regular filter changing and using a programmable thermostat.

However, one method that isn’t effective is closing the dampers on room vents. The typical grill over a room vent can be adjusted with a lever that moves louvers behind the grill. It might seem sensible that if you close off the vent, air in the HVAC system will be forced elsewhere, cutting down on how much heating and cooling the system does.

It doesn’t work this way!

When you shut room vents, you aren’t signaling to the heater or air conditioner to do less work or perform the work in a different way. This can have some negative consequences. Closing the vents will increase pressure within the ducts, and when this occurs, the blower fan (which is the same fan for both the furnace and air conditioner) will either ramp up its power (if it’s a variable-speed blower) or else move less air (for a single-speed motor). This can also increase leaks from ducts because of the high pressure. So you will either suffer from higher energy bills, or you will experience low airflow in the rest of house, resulting in lower comfort.

Closing off the vents can create a number of other issues in a home. The air conditioner coil can start to freeze over, the compressor can sustain damage, and a furnace can suffer from a cracked heat exchanger.

The best way to control which rooms receive heating and cooling is to have a special zone control system installed, which alters HVAC system alteration as it shuts off area of the ductwork.

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