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What Do HVAC Techs Look at During Your AC Inspection?

Last month, we discussed the importance of scheduling an air conditioner tune-up before hot weather hits and you’re stuck with a malfunctioning system. During such a tune-up, your HVAC technician will clean your system, and also make recommendations for repairs. However the most important part of an air conditioner tune-up is a full inspection of your system. In order to understand how important this is, you need to know what exactly happens during your AC inspection. Keep reading for a brief rundown.

Blower and Air Handler

When inspecting these components of your air conditioning system, your HVAC technician will look for any microbial growth, corrosion, or damage to your blower or motor. If there is debris or growth, that will be cleaned away. If damage is noticed, then they will recommend repair.


As the “brain” of your AC system, this device is extremely important. Your HVAC technician will check to make sure it’s calibrated correctly, and that it’s correctly gauging the temperature before cycling on or off.

Refrigerant Lines

Your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to last its entire lifespan, ideally. We check to make sure that there is no damage to these lines, and no signs of a refrigerant leak. A leak of this nature will cause your system to perform inefficiently, and as such should be repaired right away.


If you have a central air conditioner, then checking your ductwork is essential. Holes, gaps or tears in your cooling or heating system’s ducts will create inefficient performance. Additionally, duct breaches can cause irritants and potentially harmful particles to be circulated through your home’s air.

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