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A Water Treatment Option to Consider: UV Water Disinfecting Systems

Modern water filtering technology allows you to have a purified water supply that was impossible only a few decades ago. Reverse osmosis systems and advanced filters allow you to remove almost all the contaminants that can enter the municipal water supply before the water comes out of your taps and other fixtures.

You can go a step further with another technological marvel… but one that has a long history. UV germicidal disinfecting systems use the power of ultraviolet radiation to cleanse water of bacterial infections without leaving any chemical residue. To find out more about how you can have installation of one of these water purification systems for your home, contact the water treatment specialists at Lifeline Plumbing. We will find the right UV water disinfecting system in Elgin, IL to give you the healthiest water possible.

What a UV water disinfecting system does

UV disinfection comes from research done in the late-19th and early 20th centuries into using short wavelength ultraviolet radiation for medical purposes. This led to the discovery that UV lights could treat tuberculosis (winning the inventor a Nobel Prize) and kill microorganisms. After this breakthrough, UV lights entered into hospitals to help with disinfection.

What happens when UV lights strike microorganisms is that the radiation strips away the nuclei of the bacteria and viruses, disrupting cellular activity. This not only kills off the dangerous microorganisms, but it also prevents them from spreading. Although UV radiation can be harmful to any organic tissue, including human skin, the UV lights used for disinfection present very little danger to people and are installed and set up so that people will have very little direct contact with them.

A UV water disinfecting system uses a lamp that bathes the water entering your home through the water main with enough ultraviolet radiation to kill off any microorganic infections inside it. Because the lamps only create light, they do not harm the water by adding chemicals the way that some purification systems do, and they will not affect the taste or smell of the water.

You need to have professionals handle the installation of a UV disinfection system so that you have the right strength lamps placed in the correct positions. You should also know that the UV system is the right treatment for your water, since they only effect organic contamination and will not help with problems such as hard water. Professionals can test your water to see if it contains bacteria and viruses that a UV system will eliminate.

Lifeline Plumbing has extensive experience with water treatment, and we have seen the benefits of a UV water disinfecting system in Elgin, IL.

Contact us first for water testing, and we will help you find the right treatment system to deliver the clean water that will protect you and your family.