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Your Furnace’s Heat Exchanger

Furnace technology has undergone its share of advancements over the years, but the basics of the system remain intact. Indeed, it’s because furnace technology is so reliable that the basic system hasn’t changed in many years. New advances help it do its job better, with improved efficiency, higher-end functioning and even a few bells and whistles like timers. Beneath all that, however, your furnace’s heat exchanger and burners still work the way they always have. Here’s how heat exchangers work to facilitate the heating process.

Many furnaces runs on natural gas, which is ignited and fed into the burners to generate heat. However, the gas itself can’t enter your home, since it contains trace toxins and can’t distribute its heat efficiently. Enter the heat exchanger, which is essentially a long metal tube with openings on either end. The heated gas passes through it and heats up the metal, which in turn heats up the nearby air. That air can then be blown safely into your home in order to heat it. The toxic gases pass through the heat exchanger and into a venting pipe, where they are safely removed from your home.

Heat exchangers are very hard to damage since they have no moving parts and don’t really break down the way other components do. However, time and excessive wear can take their toll, and over the years your heat exchanger may crack or suffer other damage. This is a serious condition since it can release toxic gasses into your home. A cracked heat exchanger needs to be repaired immediately.

The heat exchanger  is a vital part of your furnace. When they encounter problems, you need expert help to get it fixed. Here in Aurora, IL, furnace repairs – including heat exchanger replacement – can be performed by the professionals at Lifeline Plumbing. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and we can discuss the problem with you in depth before making repairs. Call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!