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Plumber’s Tip: How Video Pipe Inspection Works

It used to be all a plumber needed was a wrench and some elbow grease. Those times are long gone, and that’s actually a very good thing. Today, plumbers have access to new technology that helps them do their job much more effectively. Here in Aurora, plumber services can make use of hydrojetting, trenchless line replacement and video pipe inspections to make the process of diagnosing and fixing a problem that much easier. Video pipe inspections, in particular, have become invaluable, and now constitute a routine part of a plumber’s duties. Here’s an easy plumber’s tip: how video pipe inspection works.

Video Pipe Inspections For Beginners

The system itself is actually very simple. The plumber has a tiny video camera mounted onto the end of a flexible rod, a device commonly known as a video snake. It’s small enough to fit down most standard pipes, and can be run along the entire length of the problem area. The plumber monitors the video feed from a screen, allowing him to examine the entire length of pipe from the inside.

What’s so beneficial about that? Well, it lets the plumber pinpoint the exact source and location of the problem. In the past, a lot of guess work was involved, since there was no practical way to get inside the pipes and take a look. But now, the plumber can easily find the spot of the trouble and mark its exact location, rather than engaging in fishing expeditions to locate the source of the trouble.

More importantly, a video pipe inspection can determine the exact nature of the problem, from the level of corrosion inside a pipe to the exact composition of a clog. That means he or she can select the right tool to fix the problem properly the first time: cutting down on time while maximizing the efficiency of the repairs.

If you need an Aurora plumber, make sure you get one who knows how video inspection works and can use similar modern tools to get the job done. Here at Lifeline Plumbing, we pride ourselves at staying on the cutting edge of our profession and our results speak for themselves.

If you have a problem with the pipes in your home, take a plumber’s tip and give the plumbing professionals at Lifeline Plumbers a call today. You’ll be glad you did!