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What’s Involved in Naperville Water Testing?

Do you know what is in the water that comes into your home through the municipal system? You might be surprised: all manner of contaminants, particles, minerals, and chemicals can infiltrate the water entering your house, leading to health issues for residents and damage to the plumbing.

The best way to deal with substandard quality water is to have professionals install a whole-house water treatment system, such as a water softener or a reverse osmosis filter. However, the different water treatment systems affect a variety of issues in water, and to know which system you need requires that having water testing done to pinpoint just what sort of problems the system must address.

If you notice poor-tasting water coming from your taps, unpleasant smells, or the appearance of hard water deposits, contact us right away to start the process of solving it with a whole-house water treatment system.

It’s easy to schedule water testing in Naperville, IL: call Lifeline Plumbing today and talk to our water treatment installation specialists.

What happens with water testing

To carry out water testing, our specialists will come to your home and take samples from throughout the house. They won’t just turn on a single tap and take a sample from there. We do a thorough job of covering all locations in your home that use running water to collect representative samples.

These samples then go to a laboratory, where tests are run on the water to find specific issues in it. These tests take about a week to complete. They include tests for pH level (acidity), hard water mineral content, and the dissolution of gases such as sulfurous oxide (which can result in the “rotten egg” smell from water).

When the testing is done, the lab returns a detailed report of the contaminants discovered in the water and if their levels are high enough to warrant remedy. Using this information, our installation experts can point you toward the water treatment system that will reduce the dangers from these contaminants. You can also rely on us to handle the installation of the system so that it works correctly.

Whether it turns out that you need a water softener, a water filter, a reverse osmosis system, or some other type of treatment for your home’s water, you can trust the experience at Lifeline Plumbing and our skilled water testing in Naperville, IL to deliver you the results that will keep your family and plumbing healthy.