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You are currently viewing Common Summer Drain Problems in Your Home: Insights from a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Common Summer Drain Problems in Your Home: Insights from a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

We all have our own ways of enjoying the summer. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, going on a vacation, or spending quality time with our family, it’s all about having a great time. With that said, one of the last things people have on their minds during summer is home maintenance — especially when it involves the plumbing or drainage system.

In this post, we’re going discuss some of the services offered by Lifeline, and we’ll also review some common summer drainage problems that can occur in your Hoffman Estates, Illinois home.

Plumbing Services in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Swimming Pool Drain

Swimming pools are used almost exclusively during the summer months. Unfortunately, the pool drainage system can become clogged due to an accumulation of dead grass or leaves, making the pool dirty and unfit for swimming. It is also important to tell children not to throw food or food wrappers in the pool, as this can clog the drain and stop the filtering process.

Backflow from the Sewer

When going on vacation, you might assume that you’re leaving your Hoffman Estates home in a safe condition — however, that’s not always the case. There is always the chance of a heavy rainfall during the summer, which can raise the water level in the sewer. When this happens, there can be a backflow of water from the sewer to your drainage system, which can come up and flood the basement of your home. A backwater valve is a device that will prevent water from traveling back up, and it’s recommended that all plumbing systems in Hoffman Estates have one to avoid property damage.

Garbage Disposal Clogging

The garbage disposal is used to break up food scraps. Over time, these scraps may cause the blade to become dull, resulting in a clog that you can’t undo. To avoid this, it’s best to throw all food scraps — like corn, potato skins, small bones, and watermelon rinds — in the garbage can. You should also avoid pouring any grease down the drain, as this can slow down the drainage system in your Hoffman Estates home.

Heating Services in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Although summer has just begun, it’s important to make sure that the heating system in your Hoffman Estates home will be ready to function when you need it. At Lifeline, we offer various maintenance plans for your HVAC unit, which includes furnace maintenance as well. Our heating services in Hoffman Estates, Illinois are available 24/7, which means that you can sleep comfortably knowing a Lifeline technician will be there to repair your system in an emergency.

Air Conditioning Services in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

As a homeowner, it’s important to have an air conditioning unit that you can rely on to keep you comfortable throughout the summer. At Lifeline, we offer air conditioning repair and maintenance services for all types of air conditioning units, whether we installed it or not. Additionally, we have a team of HVAC professionals who can install any type of air conditioning unit for your Hoffman Estates home.

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