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What Steps are Involved with Professional Boiler Installation?

If your older boiler has finally kicked the bucket, you may dread the thought of installing a new one. Yes, the work required for the job may be somewhat lengthy and an unexpected cost is never ideal, but a new boiler is usually far more efficient than those built a couple of decades ago and are some of the best performing heaters out there—so long as they are properly installed. So what’s involved when you need a boiler for heating installation in Lombard?

Removing the Old Boiler

Provided that you are replacing an existing boiler, your older unit will first need to be replaced. This requires draining the old unit and determining whether any piping needs to be replaced, or whether some of the existing installations can be left behind. Removing a boiler should be done at the time of installation, as it’s usually less costly and easier for your technician.

Sizing and Installation

For new installation, you’ll need the technician to make careful calculations in order to ensure that the system runs properly. An oversized or undersized unit can run into a lot of trouble and fail too soon. When you’re replacing an older boiler, many of the measurements will likely already be in place, but the technician will still double check and measure for correct pressure as well as other important factors. With improper installation, you risk water leaks, insufficient heating, overworked components, and high bills. This is why you want to ensure that only highly-trained technicians perform the installation so that all parts are secure and functional.


The final step of installation is inspection. Because you’re dealing with a system that stays at high pressure, you risk some serious consequences—in the direst of situations, an explosion is possible. A technician will check the safety valves, pressure components, and water levels to make sure this isn’t a possibility. You should also schedule maintenance every year following installation to make sure everything remains in top shape.

Careful installation is key to a positive experience, and the people at Lifeline Plumbing will ensure your new system is up and running as it should. Call us today to schedule professional heating installation in Lombard.