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What Clogs Drains?

Have you had enough of slow and partially clogged drains that slow down your kitchen clean-up, produce foul odors and get in the way of your hot showers? Your plumbing system comprises a wide array of different materials and mechanisms, from the basic valve and pipe to dishwashers and water heaters. But its important to consider the importance of taking care of your drain and sewer system as well as the supply system that brings you potable water. The various drainpipes throughout your home as well as the sewer line beneath your lawn must be taken care of on a regular basis to avoid those frustrating clogs.

But if you’re like any other homeowner, you’ll want to take preventive measures to ensure that you don’t have to call for an emergency plumber. Therefore, you’ll need to know about what clogs drains and how to avoid putting substances down your kitchen and bathroom drains that could lead to problems in the short and long-term. So, let’s get started.

  • Toys. If you have young ones scrambling around your home’s interior, then you’ll need to educate them on the dangerous of putting their action figures, legos, and bouncy balls down the drains and toilets. What seems like a fun experiment to them at the time will be a real hassle for you.
  • FOG. No, not water vapor, but Fats, Oils and Grease. Most homeowners are aware that these substances are no good for the drain, but it bears mentioning. Inevitably, some FOG will enter your drains, but you’ll want to avoid dumping whole pans of bacon grease or a cup of oil down the drain.
  • Coffee grounds. Whether you use a French press or a filter, make sure to avoid putting coffee grounds down the drain. Over time, these may combine with other substances to produce a blockage.

If you’re having any trouble at all with your drain and sewer system, then just let us know. We are your drain and sewer specialists in the greater Dundee area. Call Lifeline Plumbing, Inc. today!