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I’m Running into Drain Clogs All the Time… What’s Wrong?

Drain clogs are a big headache for any home, and it’s difficult to avoid running into them at some time or another. But if “some time” starts to turn into “all the time,” you are probably dealing with a larger issue that will require calling for professional plumbing assistance. The solution might be a simple one, or it could involve replacing an entire old sewer line.

We’ll take a look at some of the reasons that drain clogs can become the rule rather than the exception—and what you should do about them.

Is the clog only occurring at one drain?

If the clogging that is continually aggravating you is occurring at a single drain, then the issue is probably heavy build-up along the pipe interior of debris, minerals, soap scum, or hair. If you’ve tried to handle the clogs yourself using liquid drain cleaners, you will not remove enough of this accumulation to stop clogs from coming right back. (Drain cleaners bring with them a host of other troubles as well, so it’s best simply not to use them at all.) In this situation, the best way to treat the problem is with professional drain cleaning services. Skilled plumbers can use mechanized drain augers to completely clear the drain and make it so clogs don’t return. For more serious buildup, they may use hydro jetters.

What if the clogs are happening at multiple drains?

This indicates a deeper problem in the drainage for the house, and it’s something you need to take seriously or it could lead to much worse than slow and clogged drains. The sewer line may be clogged with waste it can’t wash down into the sewer system, or trees roots may have infiltrated into it. Sewer line cleaning from professionals can often fix this. But there are situations where the sewer line will need to be completely replaced.

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