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Should I Have My Broken Drain Replaced or Repaired?

If you live in an older home, you probably have some aging plumbing fixtures that need special attention. If you leave them alone, you might one day come across a problem such as a bathroom sink drain that starts to leak around the sides, letting water fall down into the cabinet underneath. Perhaps the drain breaks free from the sink entirely, or it causes water to back up in the sink and no amount of cleaning will fix it. When any of these troubles begins, you need to call for a professional plumber to either fix the drain or replace it.

Which method is the best choice?

As with most plumbing jobs, it’s wisest to leave the answer to this question to a licensed plumber. A lot will depend on the state of your plumbing in general as well as the age of the piping and fixtures. If you live in a home that was built pre-World War II, most of the pipes will be made from outdated material. When an old galvanized steel or cast iron drain breaks loose from the sink, the best route is to have it replaced entirely. (And in some cases, you should also consider having the whole sink basin replaced.) Repairs will probably not hold for very long if the drain is beginning to corrode away, and replacement is usually a fast job for a professional plumber.

If the trouble with the drain is simpler, and the drain is made from more durable and corrosion-resistant material, it may be possible to repair it without making a large replacement to the drain line. But you shouldn’t attempt to handle the work yourself: the repair will usually need to address the drain assembly, and this is something that only a trained plumber should attempt.

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