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Signs That You Need Drain Replacement

The drainage system in your home is as important to your convenience and well-being as the water system that brings fresh water to your taps. All the wastewater from the individual drains goes to a lengthy sewer line that runs under your home and property and out to the street to the municipal sewer system.

Most of the time, you won’t notice the drainage system at work. And when your drainage system stops working—or at least stops working as well as it should—you may not detect the issue at first. There are a few signs to look out for that will tell you it’s time to have drain replacement in St. Charles, IL before the serious consequences of a broken or damaged drain begin to appear, like sewage flooding into your home’s basement or foundations.

Sewer line replacement is a major job, and it takes trained plumbers to handle it. If you think you need to have drain line replacement work done, call Lifeline Plumbing and our team of professionals to handle the work.

Watch for these signs you need drain replacement

  • Sewer odors from your drains: If a sewer line becomes broken or clogged due to damage, wastewater will start to back up. This will force sewer gas up through the water in the p-trap of your sinks (the p-trap is the curved piece of drainpipe underneath a sink) and into your home. If you find these foul smells coming from multiple drains, you need to call for plumbing assistance right away to see if the drain line is the problem and if it should be replaced.
  • Damp sections on the lawn: When an old drain line breaks, escaping sewage will rise up and emerge through the ground. Damp (and often bad-smelling) pools will begin to form on the lawn over where the pipe is laid. If you see these damp pools and can’t account for them, then you likely have a damage pipe that will need replacement immediately.
  • Consistent drain clogging: If the sewer line problem becomes worse, the forcing of wastewater back up the pipelines will lead to drains throughout the house becoming clogged. No regular clog treatment will be able to eliminate these blockages. If clogs are a problem in more than one drain at the same time, you have a serious drainage issue and must call for professionals to look into it.

There are a number of reasons for drainage problems, and not all of them will require that plumbers replace the sewer line. However, for older homes with aging plumbing, it is often the best idea to have a full replacement done.

Regardless of whether you only need root removal or complete drain replacement in St. Charles, IL, call Lifeline Plumbing to take care of the work, fast and professionally.