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Signs of Trouble in Your Water Main

The water that flows from your faucets, showerheads, and into your laundry machine and dishwasher all arrive courtesy of the water main. This pipe connects your home to the municipal water supply, and without it you would find daily life far more difficult. (Some would say impossible.) Making sure your water line is in good repair is a vital part of caring for your home and family.

Although water lines are sturdy, they sometimes need repairs, and you should entrust this work only to professional plumbers. Don’t further jeopardize your water supply with mistakes! Don’t reach for a shovel; reach for the phone and called a skilled plumber in Wheaton, IL when you think you have a water main problem.

Lifeline Plumbing has 24/7 Urgent Care service for your home’s plumbing in case of plumbing emergencies: let our experienced plumbers protect your water supply. Call us today!

Signs of water main trouble

  • No water: If no water flows from any faucets, shower heads, or other outlets, it isn’t necessarily a water main problem. The water in the area may have shut off because of construction or an accident. Check to see if your neighbors have service first before you decide to call a plumber to investigate a water loss.
  • Low water pressure: You’ve probably experienced low water pressure before from one or more of your faucets. If low water pressure strikes all your faucets, it could indicate a leak in the water main line. There are other possible causes, but you should call a plumber to look into it and not try to detect it yourself.
  • Yard or pavement flooding: A distressing but obvious sign of a break in a water line is flooding appearing in your yard or coming up through the sidewalk in front of your house. This flooding can be small, however, depending on the size of the line break, so if you see unexpected pools of water, don’t wait: call for assistance.
  • Increase in water bills: Any leaks in your plumbing will cause a rise in your water bills and require professional repairs. But if the rise in costs is extraordinarily high, then you may have a break in the water line.

Repairs to a water line require digging to access the trench where the pipe runs, and this sometimes means removing sections of pavement. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself job; bring in professionals who know how to safely excavate the line and perform the repairs or pipe replacements that will restore your water.

Remember that Lifeline Plumbing has 24-hour emergency assistance—and a break in a water main is one of the biggest emergencies your home can face. Contact a Wheaton, IL plumber at Lifeline Plumbing as soon as any of the above signs appear.