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Keep an Eye Out for These Common Plumbing Mistakes!

plumbersEvery home has a plumbing system set up, so it is crucial that every homeowner does what they can to ensure their plumbing runs as smoothly as possible. However, there are plenty of plumbing myths floating around the Internet that are not approved by our Elgin IL plumbers. Here we set the record straight for you by clearing up some common plumbing mistakes that we see often.

The Mistake: Leaving your outdoor hose connected in the wintertime.
Leaving your outdoor hose on during colder temperatures can cause your water lines to freeze, and even worse, rupture completely. So when you are cleaning up your yard for the winter, be sure to remove the house and turn off the water supply to that specific faucet.

The Mistake: Using drain cleaner in your toilet.
Drain cleaners are appropriate to use in sinks and tubs, but never in toilets or washing machine drain pipes. If you need to clean these areas make sure to contact your nearest plumbers so they can do it effectively the first time.

The Mistake: Overusing the trash disposal.
Despite its name, a trash disposal is not meant for any and all trash. Only small, easily broken down items should be used with the trash disposal — so keep the watermelon and pumpkin rings, vegetable and fruit peels, and even oils away.

The Mistake: Hanging your toiletries on shower heads.
Simply put, placing too much weight on your shower fixtures will cause them to snap right off and potentially create a leak and a broken shower wall. Instead, invest in shower storage to minimize your risk.

The Mistake: Joining different metals without proper connectors.
In the world of plumbing, not all metals are created the same. Copper and silver metals, for example, can only be connected with a specific tool that minimizes leaks and corrosion. This small piece of equipment also has the potential for making your wallet happy, as it will cut down the amount of water you waste every day. Considering that 10% of all homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more a day, imagine what you would be able to save!

If you have found that you have accidentally fallen victim to any or all of these mistakes, don’t worry yet! There are many plumbers near you willing to help you out and get your plumbing back to normal in no time.

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