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Here’s a Reason You May Want New Gas Piping: Gas-Powered Clothes Dryer

Many people don’t realize that plumbing involves installing and fixing pipes that don’t carry water or waste through a home. Plumbing also includes gas piping for houses that have a natural gas connection to a municipal source. If your home uses natural gas, you probably have it set up to fuel your furnace or boiler as well as the stove and oven in your kitchen.

Since natural gas is an efficient fuel—and less expensive an energy source than electricity in most places—you should make as much us of it in your home as possible. But what else is there aside from the heater and the appliances in the kitchen? Well… what about a gas-powered dryer?

Wait, you mean a gas-powered laundry machine? Those exist?

Yes, they do! And there’s a wide variety of types available. They do cost more to install than the standard electric dryer and they also require venting. But the cost to maintain and run a gas dryer is much lower than an electric dryer. They also have greater heating power, which means that each load of clothes will be dried much faster. This not only saves time, it’s gentler on the fabric of your clothes, towels, sheets, etc.

But you need a gas line!

This is where our gas line plumbers come in. Before you can arrange for the purchase and installation of a gas-powered clothes dryer, you must have a dedicated gas line available for it. If your home has previously used an electric dryer, there probably isn’t a line that accesses the laundry room. You must arrange with gas plumbing professionals to install a new gas line that will send the necessary fuel to the new appliance. As with all work that involves a gas line, only licensed technicians should perform this job. Our gas line experts will take care of the work that will make a gas dryer a possibility for your house.

Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers gas line installation in East Dundee, IL.