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Are Radiant Heating Systems Hard to Repair?

The sensation of radiant floor heating is something people find difficult to describe; they usually can only explain how comfortable it feels, and how much better it heats than standard forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps. Radiant heating comes with more advantages than just feeling wonderful: they are durable, lasting for many years; waste a miniscule amount of energy, and operate almost without noise.

Yet homeowners often hold back from radiant heating installation because of the amount of work involved in retro-fitting an existing home for floor heating, as well as the fear of the difficulties in repairing pipes lain down beneath the main floor and a subfloor. Although it’s true that radiant floor heating installation is extensive, the repair work is not as difficult to do as you might think. As long as you call for professional radiant heating repair in Elgin, IL from an experienced contractor like Lifeline Plumbing, you should encounter few problems with fixes to your system.

Why radiant heating repair isn’t as hard as it seems

One of the first things to keep in mind about radiant floor heating systems is they need few repairs. Protected under floorboards and subfloors, the pipes of a radiant heating system rarely suffer any damage that can cause them to leak. Chances are good you won’t ever need to make major repairs on the pipes.

Should they happen, however, heating technicians have ways of addressing the problem without extensive excavations that rip up your floors. Using sound detection and pressure detection equipment, the repair technicians can track down where leaks are occurring to a specific region. Then they only need to open up a small hole in your floor, easily replaceable, and seal the pipe.

The other repairs that a radiant floor heating system may need are the standard ones that any boiler might encounter, and these are just as easy to access. Technicians can work on these issues without any disruption to the pipes.

Don’t shy away from radiant heating

We hope this discussion has persuaded you that radiant heating isn’t as difficult to care for as it might seem. It’s definitely an option to consider for new heating installation, especially if you are having new construction done.

For high quality installation, maintenance, and heating repair in Elgin, IL trust to Lifeline Plumbing to give you the best performance possible.