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Does My Garbage Disposal Need Repair or Replacement?

Garbage disposals are a useful tool in preventing clogs and simplifying cleanup and food preparation in the kitchen. However, they can only continue to work as needed if they are properly cared for. When operating your garbage disposal, you should follow a few simple tips and tricks to keep it running smoothly throughout its lifespan. Never put non-food items down the drain or hard food items like popcorn kernels and meat bones. Also avoid fibrous foods that can wrap around the disposal blades, such as celery, and any F.O.G. (fats, oils, and grease). Always rip up large chunks of food before you pour it down the disposal to make it easier on the motors.

While all of this can help to prolong the lifespan of your garbage disposal, and save your pipes from major drain clogs, there may come a point that your garbage disposal runs into trouble anyway. While there may be some garbage disposal repairs you can make on your own, many units will simply require replacement.

What to Check First

Before assuming that your garbage disposal is out of commission, you should check the “reset” button located underneath the garbage disposal unit underneath the sink. This button pops out as a safety measure when the motor becomes too jammed, and it may simply need to be pushed back in. Other times, blockage must be removed before it can return to normal operation, though experts recommend that you never put your hand into the disposal. You can also try checking the circuit breaker as the garbage disposal runs on electricity.

If All Else Fails

Unfortunately, there’s likely to come a time when the motor wears down so much that it can no longer operate. Usually, this means that you’ll need a new unit. But in some cases, a technician will need to free the grinding plate by turning the flywheel when it becomes too jammed, or make another minor repair. Attempting to repair the motor on your own can be dangerous, and it may not be worth it if it turns out you actually need replacement, so we recommend always consulting with experts first.

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