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Signs that You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

You probably don’t think too much about what you put into your garbage disposal, assuming that it will last about as long as you own your house. But it’s vital to take care of this kitchen necessity that can actually be somewhat fragile since it will not last forever. Garbage disposals are not trash compactors, and treating them as such can causes them to fail prematurely. Be sure to rip up large chunks of food before throwing them down the drain, and throw out non-food items like meat bones, paper, and plastic into the trash can.

When large pieces of food come into contact with your garbage disposal, or when it must attempt to process inedible items, the unit will struggle, which could cause the garbage disposal to become overheated. And often when this happens, you’ll need to replace the entire unit. Taking care to maintain your disposal unit can help to extend the life of your system and prevent troublesome drain clogs. But unfortunately, no garbage disposal unit will last forever, and there will likely come a time that you need to schedule plumbing installation in Geneva. Here are some of the signs to look out for with these units that may indicate they require replacement.

  • Frequent Repairs: Calling a technician for frequent repairs or attempting them on your own is not only frustrating; it’s also most likely a good warning sign. There comes a point when replacing your unit is more cost effective than constantly making repairs, particularly if you have an older unit.
  • Old Age: If you know that your garbage disposal is over fifteen years old, replacement is a good idea if you don’t want a sudden failure on your hands. A new unit won’t carry a high risk of breaking down, and is unlikely to need any repair service for several years, provided that the disposal is properly maintained. Besides, a newer unit may actually perform better, for optimal plumbing protection.
  • Slowed Performance: Disposal units may slow in performance over a period of time, or they may have somewhat poor performance in the first place. This is either due to incorrect installation techniques or it’s because your unit does not have the necessary power for your needs. If you use your garbage disposal quite often in a day, consider replacing yours with a unit of greater horsepower.

If you need a high-performance garbage disposal, call Lifeline Plumbing for professional plumbing installation in Geneva today!